Epic Gear

Travel Pro Gear Bag

This is our heaviest duty bag, built to protect your board during long trips! This bag is more than ready and capable of carrying two boards, or just one with all your gear. Durable construction helps protect your boards from the dangers of travel, including careless baggage handlers. (We’re looking at you, Spirit).

Skirt through the airport with ease with carry handles and wheels! Reinforced nose and tails are made with heavy condura construction to ensure your log’s nose doesn’t get bent in, and cushions it with soft 12mm foam and a whopping 18cm of padding!

Pop your extra wax, hardware, allen wrenches and a spare pair of skivvies in the sizeable pocket found on the middle of the bag, and don’t forget to tighten down those coffin sidewalls so nothing starts slipping around inside. This will be the first travel bag you ever need, and the last one you ever buy!

#90010 | 240 x 65 | 7’10 x 25.5″ | Nose: 55cm 21.6″/Mid: 65cm 25.5″/Thick: 60cm 23.5″

#90011 | 275 x 85 | 9′ x 33.5″ | Nose: 70cm 27.5″/Mid: 85cm 33.5″/Thick: 75cm 29.5″

#90014 | 203 x 61 | 6’8 x 24″ | Nose: 43cm 17″/Mid: 61cm 24″/Thick: 43cm 17″

#90015 | 240 x 63 | 7’10 x 25″ | Nose: 51cm 20″/Mid: 63cm 25″/Thick: 51cm 20″

  • 18cm thick padding
  • 12mm foam
  • Double foam protection in nose and tail
  • Heavy cordura construction
  • Nose and tail reinforced patches
  • Oversized wheels
  • Plastic drag strips
  • Plastic nose and tail shield
  • Vented to prevent moisture buildup
  • Name tag/ID Holder
  • Board divider