Epic Gear

Travel Kite Golf Bag

#73002 | 146 x 34 x 38

#O-295 | 152 x 35 x 42


Keep on rolling with this easy travel bag for kites and boards! Styled like your typical golf bag, this tall travel bag has two wheels to make travel easy, whether its through the airport, by bus or train, or even by car!

Don’t let any images of this bag fool you – it’s way bigger than you think, for both sizes! We tested it, and a Progressive kite – bag, lines and all – fit nice and snug in the bottom, with plenty of room for a board – and TONS of extra room for extra gear, a backpack, your toothbrush… you could probably pack your whole suitcase in this bag as well!

Side zipper pocket is a great place to store your lines and little bits and pieces, so they don’t get tangled up in the main compartment of the bag. Adjustable buckle straps around the body of the bag keep things in place while during travel, with handy carry straps on the top and bottom of the bag to make maneuvering it into a trunk or onto a luggage rack a breeze.

  • Carry Handle
  • Fits kite, board, and other gear
  • External zippered pocket for accessories
  • Two travel wheels