Epic Gear

Neoprene Impact Vest

This form-fitting neoprene impact vest is simple to put on, simple to slip out of, and perfectly shaped to fit with or without a harness! Perfectly shaped back fits ideally with the Epic Gear line of harnesses, but works universally with most waist harnesses available.

Extra-thick padding is solidly sewn in so it won’t shift and move, even during the most intense water sports you participate in! It’ll stay snug in place while you’re busy doing flips, tricks, carves and more.

Featuring a non-corrosive plastic zipper, you never have to worry about rusting and losing the functionality of your vest – just have fun and let it dip dry while you move on to the bar or cantina, out of direct sunlight of course! Plenty of arm space on the sides allow for unrestricted movement so even while you’re protected, you still keep your full range of mobility for grabbing your boom or crushing a can of your favorite cold snack.

#O-613 | Small

#O-614 | Medium

#O-615 | Large

#O-616 | X-Large

  • Not USCG approved
  • Zipper front entry
  • Lightly padded
  • Neoprene