Epic Gear


When you’ve got a board, foils, fins, harnesses, kites, rigs, and so much more, you’re bound to forget something or need something new to improve your setup! Luckily, we’ve got everything you’re going to need, from extra line to rail guards to those little bits and bobs you never think to grab two of.

Water Wear

Kites are important, and so is your harness – but don’t forget yourself! Treat yourself with some quality-of-life upgrades.

Rigging Line

What connects your harness to your kite? All different kinds of lines! Choose from several types so you can rig up your kite just the way you like.

Board Goodies

Kites are important, and so is your harness – but don’t forget your board! Treat it well and you’ll never have to replace it and you can keep surfing – and flying – for years!

Transport & Storage

It’s no good if you’ve got dings, scrapes, or holes in your gear before you even get it in the water! Protect your board and your vehicle with some extra cushioning and secure straps, and seamlessly move from your truck bed to the water’s edge.

Dry Bags & Waterproof Cases

Nothing stinks more than a $600 phone sinking to the bottom of a muddy creek, or your only towel and change of clothes coming out of your in-hull storage absolutely soaked. Check out some of our safety options to keep your belongings clean and dry!