Epic Gear

Foil Cover

Versatility is the name of the game with our Foil Cover! Can be used as a cover for the fuselage with the mast attached, or you can pop your mast off and slip it into the mast sleeve and your spare wrench and screws into the window on the top of the bag. More options for storage means more room for more gear, more folks in your car, and some extra space for some cold snacks.

A double non-corrosize heavy-duty zipper lets you flay open the Foil Cover so you can wiggle any foil into it with ease, and without worry that you’ll ding, nick, or scratch something! Feel free to manhandle this cover bag with 5mm foam that insulates and protects your foil, while double-sided reflective material keeps the heat off – nothing stinks worse than burning yourself on a hot foil, after all!

#90018 | 100cm wing x 120cm fuselage

#90019 | 80cm wing x 100cm fuselage

#90020 | 70cm wing x 90cm fuselage

#90021 | 60cm wing x 80cm fuselage

  • Mast sleeve
  • ID/tool window
  • Non-corrosive zipper
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 5mm foam