Epic Gear

EDGE SUP Paddles

Epic Gear’s proprietary EDGE blade system is here to stay! Protect your board rails without sacrificing performance with a softer, more board-friendly EDGE.

Plastic paddle blades with a super-soft edge make all of these paddles perfect for beginners and hardcore paddlers alike! The soft edges of these paddle blades negate dings on the rails of your board, meaning your board’s shape is not compromised, and can sustain the environments it was crafted for without drag or delay. Available with multiple shaft constructions and with EVA built-in paddle grips to ward off blisters and increase your stroke power without sacrificing comfort.

#30030 | Aluminum Adjustable Convertible SUP/Kayak | Adjusts from 170cm-210cm | Kayak: 210cm

#30031 | Rental Aluminum Shaft Plastic Blade Full EVA | Blade Width: 8.25″ | Adjusts from 67″-82″ | 1.06Kg

#30033 | Composite Shaft Plastic Blade | Blade Width: 8.25″ | Adjusts from 67″-82″ | 0.86Kg

#30036 | Aluminum Shaft Plastic Blade | Blade Width: 8.25″ | Adjusts from 67″-82″ | 0.98Kg

  • Adjustable T-Shape handle
  • Built-in paddle grip (except Convertible paddle)
  • Flexible edge plastic paddle blade
  • Anti-twist grooved upper
  • Won’t ding or nick your board