Epic Gear


Get ready for a game-changing upgrade to your SUP board, at the best value possible. Some say it’s all about the board, some say the fins or the paddle, and others say it’s the paddler. The truth is that everything matters – you need to feel comfortable on your board and be in control, and now you can do just that with the perfect all around SUP paddle from Epic Gear. The DRIVE technology creates a  split down the spine of the blade, giving you a great slice  for a good hearty push while still cutting through water easily with the edge still intact. Not to mention that FULL 10k Carbon construction means you’ve got the toughest, lightest paddle out there! Suitable for any sized paddler with adjustable sizing.

#30035 | Full Carbon Adjustable Yellow | Blade Width: 8″ | Adjustable 67″ – 82″ | 0.65Kg

#30053 | Full Carbon Adjustable Blue | Blade Width: 8″ | Adjustable 67″ – 82″ | 0.65Kg

  • 10k Full Carbon Straight Shaft
  • Adjustable sizing
  • DRIVE Spline Technology
  • Strong and Light
  • T-Shape Full Carbon Handle
  • 10k Full Carbon Paddle Blades