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Cell Phone Dry Case

Cell Phone Dry Case

Nothing beats a cell phone dry case that can fit even the biggest phones – including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s largest iPhone ever produced, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 with it’s large 6.8″ screen! This case will fit most, if not all touch screen/smart phones available on the market.

This camber lock top dry case is flexible, unlike most dry cases which are hard and require some finagling to get a good picture or to use. With this thinner and flexible see-through plastic screen, you can easily utilize your touch screen and take pictures even on the water – now without worrying about dropping your priceless phone into the briney deep! Submersible up to a few feet in water, you can still use your phone’s touch screen and manual buttons as well. Cell phone dry cases are a great addition to your kayak loadout to keep your stuff safe from tip overs!

Inspect your bag prior to use for damage, puncture or holes. Test your dry bag before use to ensure there are no leaks.

Open the bag by rotating the latches so they point upwards. Separate the plastic seal and place items into bag. To close, first make sure the area around the seal is free from dirt, debris and water. Press plastic seals together and rotate latches so they are pointing to the outside of the bag.

Proper closure of this bag is required for it to be effective as a cell phone dry case. Keep away from sharp objects to avoid punctures. Excessive weight inside the bag can affect its ability to float. Test bag prior to use.

#57001 | Assorted colors

Available in Blue, Black, Orange, and Pink.

7.25″ x 4.25″

  • Fits most major phones
  • Camber lock top
  • Includes flotation
  • Dense foam backer
  • Cinch Adjustable Lanyard
  • Does not include an audio jack attachment
  • Not compatible with TouchID