Epic Gear

Adjustable Day Wall Bag

With just these few sizes of our adjustable day wall bag, you can find a fit for 99% of the windsurf, surf, and SUP boards on the market! This adjustable day wall bag closes with hook and loop closure making adjustments easy, quick, and secure with marked measurements.

This is an adjustable length coffin style board bag with a rear entry zipper for easy, mess-free insertion of your board. These lightly 6mm padded bags have nylon on one side and solar reflective material on the other, keeping your board cooler for longer, whether they’re roasting on the beach or in your locked car. A handy removable wheel deck means you can easily pop wheels on and off for travel and transport! Not to mention, a hook and loop closured fin slot on both sides allows you to keep those pesky fins in all the time, so even if you forget your allen wrench or screwdriver, you can still pack up and go!

These bags are great for accommodating many Progressive Boards models, and also fit many other popular boards like Exocet, Fanatic, and F-One!

#O-941 | 230-270 x 55 | Nose: 42cm/Mid: 55cm/Tail: 47cm

#O-942 | 230-275 x 65 | Nose: 53cm/Mid: 65cm/Tail: 60cm

#O-943 | 230-285 x 75 | Nose: 60cm/Mid: 75cm/Tail: 69cm

#O-944 | 230-285 x 85 | Nose: 69cm/Mid: 85cm/Tail: 74cm

#O-945 | 230-285 x 100 | Nose: 77cm/Mid: 100cm/Tail: 77cm

#O-946 | 260-310 x 90 | Nose: 72cm/Mid: 90cm/Tail: 80cm

#O-947 | 330-380 x 75 | Nose: 63cm/Mid: 75cm/Tail: 59cm

  • Adjustable length
  • Fits 99% of the boards in the market
  • Can be used for Windsurf, SUP, Surf & more
  • 6mm padding
  • Solar reflective material
  • Non-corrosive zipper
  • Carry handles
  • Dual fin slots
  • Colors vary between